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Here is what some of my customers say...

Customer feedback:

      Everything was great        -Keesha D.
      Jon's Just Handy Does Great Work
      Jon Stevens Cleaned my house on
      Hermina St.  & did a fine job on
      the siding drainpipes & windows.         -William R.

      Professional.  Well-performed,
      careful work.  Very satisfied           - Lewis L.

      Thank you for your work.

       Jon made sure I was happy with
       the finished product.                       - Matt D.

       Great job putting
       Together my table. I'd
       definitely call Jon again!              -Jeanie L.

       Jon, Thank-you so much for making our poster
       box.  You did a superb job and it turned out better
       than I had envisioned it.             -Sincerely Elise S.

       Jon was very accomodating Jon made sure I was
       happy with the finished product Jon was extremely
       timely & fit me into his schedule right away.
                                            -Matt D. 1714 Sheridan St.

       Highest Recommendaion !           - P. Buhle
       I appreciate having someone who can repair or paint
       & varnish anything.                   - Ruth N. Strong

       Jon hung a storm door for me.   He did an excellent
       job!  I am also very happy with the door that he
       chose.  Very friendly.                    - Marilyn M.
      Thank for your reviews,  they are
       greatly appreciated.                          -Jon

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     Please call for
     an hourly rate quote.   I will also provide a
     phone estimate for smaller jobs and a price
     not to be exceeded if desired.  My prices
     are flexible to some extent with the intent on
     being fair given a number of factors.

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     All work is warranted for at least a year
     unless otherwise specified. 

     I can provide a certificate of insurance, please

Thanks for visiting my website.  I am improving it and
      should soon have a picture gallery.

Please feel free to call.  My Number is below the logo
      on the front page.

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