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I can do most repair, maintenance and
     other assorted tasks very well.  Here
     is a list of some of what I have done...

Quality woodwork:
     Fine cabinetry
     Cabinet design
     Rough cabinetry
     Sturdy shelving
     Basement framing
     Drywall installation and finishing
     Drywall repair
     Pattern painting
     Furniture repair
           (Usually better than new!)
     Ceiling tile Replacement
     Exhause fan and duct replacement
     Tear out (Take off old plaster or drywall)
          Breaker and fuse box
          Custom Projects and Solutions
          Low Voltage, Cable, Phone and
               Speaker installation and repair
          Underground wire and conduit
          electric system planning
          outside security lighting

     Basement sink installation
     Water heater installation
     dishwasher dnstallation and
     Copper pipe work
     Clog removal
     Leak repair
     Disposal installation
          and repair
     Faucet repair

     Door installation
          Pre-hung and
     Door sizing, trimming and
     Deck Rebuilding, Refinishing.

     Gutter cleaning and installation
     Gutter cover installation
          (5 years no cleaning!)
     Gutter repair

     Ice Dam assessment and remediation

     Roof repairs
     Tear off and new shingles
     Skylight installation
     Roof vent installation
     Sheet metal work
     Chimney caps

     Vinyl siding repair
     House washing
     Window cleaning

     Sliding garage door installation
     Garage door opener repair
     Garage organization

     Power washing

     Ladder work
     Computer work - email, fax, photo sharing
     Legal work ( legalese translation, research )

     Small concrete jobs
     Concrete Repair
     Driveway sealing
     Tree planting
     Mowing and trimming
     Low voltage lighting installation
     Outdoor construction

     Commercial Work

     Assembly and installation of "some
          assembly required items"
     Automotive and small engine repair
          and maintennence

     Custom solutions to fit your needs

      Feel free to call, my contact information is on
           the front page, afternoons are best.

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